Adobe Indesign


  • Instructor:Syed Kamran Javaid
  • Deliverable
    1. Course Completion Certificate
    2. Internship (based on your grades)
  • Course Requisitions
    1. Matriculation
    2. Formal in English
  • Total Duration 3 months
  • Total Lectures 36
  • Class Timing
    1. Call for Timing
  • Course Fees Call for info

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign

This course has all the tools you need to elevate the look of your document and get it out to the people who need to see it, whether it be in print or on the web.

In this course students will learn advanced InDesign techniques to enhance the look and functionality of your documents.

Course Outline:

1 – Getting Started with InDesign
  • Identify Components of the InDesign Interface
  • Customize the InDesign Interface
  • Apply the Navigation Controls and Set Preferences
2 – Designing a Document
  • Establish Project Requirements
  • Apply Design Principles
  • Create a New Document
  • Add Text to a Document
  • Add Graphics to a Document
3 – Customizing a Document
  • Format Characters and Paragraphs
  • Apply Colors, Swatches, and Gradients
  • Create and Apply Styles
4 – Working with Page Elements
  • Arrange and Align Objects
  • Apply Layers
  • Transform and Manipulate Objects
  • Thread Text Frames
  • Edit Text
5 – Building Tables
  • Create and Modify a New Table
  • Format a Table

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