Our Mission

The Lahore Institute of Animation & Design is a private sector university, established by Vertexframes in 2013. The mission of this institute is to impart education and training to the youth of the country in an academic environment through comprehensive and up to date teaching and research facilities.

The primary mission of the institute is to inculcate such critical abilities, wisdom and values which are necessary for the making of a forward looking, coherent civil society. It also seeks to prepare a mindset imbued with Islamic ethos and positive social norms without prejudice to the authenticity of any other religion. Vertexframes has mandated this university to offer equal opportunity to students from all strata of society without any distinction of cast, color and creed.

The efforts of the institute is to promote demand led subjects for the purpose of preparing a productive manpower which could participate in the economic development of the country. In the same vain the university emphasizes on the delivery of curricula leavened with a tilt towards entrepreneurship. In essence, the mission of the institute is to develop a positive social capital with common consciousness and common ego responsive to the looming global challenges in the rapidly changing political, economic and social paradigm.

Inauguration Ceremony was conducted by Mr. Jehanzeb Khan

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