Financial Aid

The Financial Assistance Office is supervised by Assistant Director of finance Ghouse Seemab. Financial Assistance is available to the students on need basis with the recommendation of Financial Assistance committee duly constituted by higher authorities of the Institute. Financial Assistance Office mainly deals with giving financial Assistance to students of LAD on need basis. Also this office provides opportunity to students to transfer or refund their fees.

To provide the most effective, efficient, and generous Financial Assistance program to LAD students so that they get an opportunity to grow in their personal Financial Management.

To provide financial services to deserving students in order to facilitate them to achieve their educational goals. This service is a joint venture between students and the financial Assistance office which works on the premise that Financial Constraints should not be a barrier to quality education.


  1. To facilitate the students in case of late fee submission
  2. To communicate with the students to resolve their queries
  3. To give Financial Assistance as much as student can get relief.

Assistant Director Finance, Financial Assistance Office

Financial Aid Department is supported duly by Vertexframes® and LAD®

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